Newspaper Owned by Donald Trump’s Son-in-Law Criticizes Deleted Tweet

An author at a New York newspaper owned by Donald Trump’s son-in-law criticized her boss in an open letter released on its website Tuesday.

24s2In a piece on the New York Observer site entitled An Open Letter to Jared Kushner, From One of Your Jewish Employees, arts and entertainment author Dana Schwartz wrote that she was bothered by anti-Semites on Twitter after writing about a questionable image Trump’s project tweeted then deleted over the weekend.

The tweet showed a picture of Hillary Clinton over a pile of money with a six-sided star resembling a Star of David, which Trump later said was a sheriff’s star that was misinterpreted by the media.

The worst people in this country saw your father-in-law s message and took it as they chose, Schwartz wrote. But Donald Trump in his reaction selected not to condemn them, the anti-Semites who, by his argument were clearly misinterpreting the image, but the media.

Kushner, who is Jewish, is wed to Trump’s child Ivanka, who transformed to Judaism before their wedding. Schwartz wrote that by supporting Trump s campaign he is giving his most hateful fans tacit approval.

Mr. Kushner, I ask you: What are you going to do about this? She composed. Look at those tweets I got once again, the ones calling me out for my Jewish surname, insulting my nose, stimulating the holocaust, and inform me I’m being too sensitive.

Schwartz did not right away react to a request for remark from TIME. The Observer s editor-in-chief told Politico he did not talk about the letter with Kushner before publishing it. The Observer backed Trump in the Republican primary in April.


In a statement Tuesday night, Kushner safeguarded Trump. My father-in-law is an incredibly caring and tolerant individual who has embraced my household and our Judaism since I began dating my spouse, the statement reads. I understand that Donald does not at all sign up for any racist or anti-semitic thinking.

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